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Welcome to Long Range Shooting SA 

This site is dedicated to all riflemen and long range shooting enthusiasts in South Africa.


What are we all about?  We're about promoting the art of long range shooting to all by combining the right marksmanship skills with affordable equipment to enable you to engage relatively small steel targets at ridiculous distances from your first shot.  


We will advise you on all the fundamental aspects of long range shooting and believe that having the proper equipment does not necessarily mean having the most expensive equipment.  

Come join us for an exciting day at our various facilities.


We run courses throughout South Africa.  Courses can be held in either English or Afrikaans.

Courses can be booked on either a week-end or weekday basis as personalized "one-on-one" type training or group sessions.


We have pioneered the "Open" Long Range Shooting Days in South Africa.  


Our aim is to further the interest in long range shooting amoungst all rifle owners regardless of calibre or make of weapon / optic.  


We host World Class events for all ELR enthusiasts.

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