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Engaging a Moving Target  

Ons kursusse word ook in Afrikaans aangebied

Shooting LR  at stationary targets in windy conditions can be quite daunting, whether at known or unknown distance it remains quite a challenge on its own for most mortals, but when you combine this challenge with targets that are moving things can become quite complex to say the least.

This course was designed to help most intermediate / advanced marksmen to successfully engage any moving target at extended range with the least amount of mental stress and effort.

This course would require you to have already and successfully completed our Advanced Fundamentals & Wind Reading Course or have it incorporated herein.

What will this one day course cover?

  • Leading targets and lead formula calculations to engage targets at any distance moving from any direction

  • Engaging our moving target using the trapping or tracking methods

  • Wind compensation for moving targets

  • Speed shooting at multiple targets maintaining accurate shot placement, unconventional positioning and maintaining stability whilst firing under stress 

  • Most common errors when shooting at moving targets 

You will be engaging a moving target from various distances and positions.  Basic shooter fitness level is required.

We keep our classes small to ensure individual attention and quality of training. 

What must you bring?

  • Your rifle with an adjustable scope (MOA or MRAD)

  • Rifle should (preferably) be zeroed prior to course

  • Minimum of 100 rounds.  All rounds to be of the same load, brass, primer and bullet weight / type

  • Shooters must know the BC of their bullet

  • A shooting mat / camp chair

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Front and rear rest (beanbags or bi-pods)

  • Pen and calculator

  • Refreshments

What is the cost? 

Contact us for rates


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Advanced Fundamentals & Wind Reading Course

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