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Estimation of Unknown Distance Targets in Unknown Wind without the Use of Electronic Apparatus Course

Ons kursusse word ook in Afrikaans aangebied

We currently claim to be the only training facility to offer this fantastic skill set to avid LR shooters and LR hunters.


This one day course can be attended by any shooter with  the necessary rifle / optic and LR experience (capable of engaging targets out to 1000m).  All shooters attending must have a functional understanding of marksmanship fundamentals, ballistics, optics (understand how to work with their chosen unit of angular measurement) and basic wind shooting experience.

What will this course cover?

  1. Estimation of unknown distance targets without the use of electronic range finders.

  2. Estimation of unknown winds without the use of wind metres.

  3. Correct optic and equipment choices.

  4. Learn how to practically work with the fantastic Mildot Master analogue calculator.  Our system covers MOA as well as MRAD subtension optics.


After the theory, we will walk and stalk 10 target opportunities ranging between 500m to approximately 1200m shooting from field positions. 

What must you bring?

  • Your rifle with an adjustable scope (MOA or MRAD)

  • Rifle should (preferably) be zeroed prior to course

  • Minimum of 50 rounds.  All rounds to be of the same load, brass, primer and bullet weight / type

  • Shooters must know the BC of their bullet

  • A shooting mat / camp chair

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Front and rear rest (beanbags or bi-pods)

  • Rifle cleaning kit

  • Pen and calculator

  • Refreshments

What is the cost?

Contact us for rates


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