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Long Range Shooting Fundamentals Course  

Ons kursusse word ook in Afrikaans aangebied

In the theory segment we discuss our 32 page manual that provides all the essential knowledge needed to engage and hit targets out to 1 km and further.  Our manual will help eliminate all the myths and half truths about long range shooting thus avoiding a lot of frustration and SAVING YOU THOUSANDS OF RANDS on wasted ammunition, time and the purchase of (unnecessary / incorrect) long range shooting equipment.  Our course will provide you with a solid and proven base to pursue the art of long range shooting from.

The second part of our course allows you to practically apply the theory by engaging targets between 300m to 1000m.  This phase allows you to assess your equipment, skill and DOPE (Data On Previous Engagements) and thus make suitable adjustments if needed. 

Hunters will benefit greatly from the course and acquire a sought after skill most in the field don’t possess.  This valuable skill will stand you in good stead throughout your life.  Our course teaches the critical importance of applying the fundamentals of marksmanship when shooting at extended ranges as well as installing great confidence in any aspirant LR hunter by allowing you to engage at dimensional animal targets over various distances and leaves no room for any guesswork.  Each shot taken will be made with a high level of premeditated skill and based on exact science and ballistics thus enabling the hunter to predetermine and know their personal limits based on this experience.

Courses can be booked either on a weekend or a weekday basis as personalized “one-on-one” type training or group sessions.

We guarantee that you will experience a very enjoyable day indeed!

What will this one day course cover?

We do a complete weapon assessment and discuss your individual shooting rigs (rifle, calibre, scope and mounts etc.), handy long range shooting kit, standard loads, parallax, height over bore, long range shooting ballistics and factors affecting your bullet's flight, shooting uphill / downhill, ballistic programs, understanding MOA / MRAD, understanding and interpreting wind conditions, unknown range estimation, correct breathing techniques and the fundamentals of marksmanship.

We will keep the theory to a minimum as we appreciate there is no substitute for practical shooting and learning with each shot taken.  We shoot at reactive targets (gongs) out to one kilometre.  We show you how to clean and maintain your rifle correctly.

We keep our classes small to ensure individual attention and quality of training.

What must you bring?

  • Your rifle with an adjustable scope (MOA or MRAD)

  • Rifle should (preferably) be zeroed prior to course

  • Minimum of 50 rounds.  All rounds to be of the same load, brass, primer and bullet weight / type

  • Shooters must know the BC of their bullet

  • A shooting mat / camp chair

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Front and rear rest (beanbags or bi-pods)

  • Rifle cleaning kit

  • Pen and calculator

  • Refreshments

What is the cost? 

Contact us for rates


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