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Invitation Only Long Range Shooting Days

We have pioneered the "Open" Long Range Shooting Days in South Africa.

Our aim is to further the interest in long range shooting amoungt all rifle owners regardless of calibre or make of weapon / optic.  All that matters is that the weapon is functional and that the rifle scope is adjustable for elevation / windage.

Due to the fact that our facilities are strictly private and reserved, invitations will only be extended to our clients and historical participants.

In these events participants are required to engage in numerous targets 1.5 - 2.5 MOA in size over various distances between 300m to 1509m within a prescribed time limited.

You may enter 4 classes:- 


1.   Standard Class:

  • All standard built (factory), non-magnum or modified rifles.  These rifles may however fitted with aftermarket stocks, triggers and accessories. 

  • Barrel length:  Factory fitted 16–26 inches.

  • Calibres between .224 to .338.


2.   Tactical Class:

  • All factory .556Nato (.223 Remington) and 7.62x51Nato (.308 Winchester) calibre rifles.  These rifles may however be fitted with aftermarket stocks, triggers and accessories.

  • Gas or bolt operated.


3.   Open Class:

  • All magnum, improved or custom built rifles. 

  • No limits to barrel length and they may be fitted with aftermarket stocks and accessories.

  • Calibres from .224 - .338.

The objective would be:

-  Engage maximum amount of targets.

-  Reaching out to the furthest distance.

-  Within the prescribed time.  Time bar will be applied after 8 minutes and you will be asked to stop shooting.

-  To keep it fair, no spotting/assistance of any nature will be allowed.  Only your skill will count.  Compete against yourself and better your handicap each month.

4.   ELR Class:

  • All standard, magnum, improved or custom built rifles. 

  • No limits to barrel length and they may be fitted with aftermarket stocks and accessories.

  • Calibres from .224 - .50BMG

  • Shooters must be able to confirm that their relevant platform can shoot out to the required distances.  No holdover shooting will be allowed.

The objective would be:- 

-  Engage targets at extreme distances with a limited amount of rounds allowed per target.

-  Each shooter must discharge his/her 3 rounds (per target distance) in under 3 minutes.

-  Shooters to call their own fall of shot.

-  Targets placed at 1054m, 1128m, 1297m, 1409m, 1509m, 1609m, 1709m, 1810m, 2000m, 2215m and 2315m.  Some targets have hit indicators that flash as soon as a direct impact occurs.

Rules are subject to change up until the match date. 

Event will commence with an hour’s DOPE testing.  Although a 100m zeroing facility is available we would prefer that your zero already be confirmed prior to the day.


We will be accommodating 2-3 shooters at the same time in order to shorten the waiting period.


Due to the nature and layout of this private facility we can currently only accommodate a limited amount of shooters per event.  Entry and booking confirmations must be done via email and will be on a “first come, first serve” basis.


Certificate of Attendance will be provided.  This you may use for dedicated status, applications, etc.


Due to the dangers and unforeseen risks associated with this type of activity, no minors will be allowed without direct parent/caregiver supervision at all times.  You are solely and directly responsible for the safety, well-being and actions of your family/ guests, so kindly keep them to an absolute minimum.  Indemnities will apply.

Please take note of the following:-


  • This facility is not open to the public!

  • Speed limit of 20 kmph applies to the facility. 

  • No braaing allowed.  Our event is held on an invitation basis only.  Please do not invite any of your friends unless you have cleared this with us beforehand.   They will unfortunately be turned away and not allowed to participate.

  • Right of admission is reserved and indemnities will apply.

  • We currently ONLY charge the standard Broederstroom facility day fee of R250.00 per shooter for the use of this great facility. 

  • No driving or walking about the premises is permitted except in the demarcated areas. 

  • No pets allowed.

  • Fine of R100,000.00 will be imposed by facility on anyone shooting at any wildlife.

  • For safety reasons only the competitor (shooting) and RO’s will be allowed on the apron during his/her allotted shooting time.  No gazebos etc. to be pitched on apron.

  • No weapons to be handled behind the apron area.

  • Standard safety rules apply.           

  • No monolithic projectiles, steel core and tracers are allowed.

  • No calibres above .338

  • No alcohol allowed on site   

  • Rules are subject to change up until the match date. 

Please bring ear and eye protection, refreshments, a chair and some form of shade (if you have).   You are welcome to pitch a gazebo behind the designated shooting area.

Great fun and a learning curb for all.

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