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Advanced Fundamentals & Wind Reading Course

Ons kursusse word ook in Afrikaans aangebied

Our "Master Of The Wind" course is only for those who have already completed our standard LRS course.  It is a building block on our standard LRS Course. 

We guarantee that as long range shooters there is no bigger boost to your confidence than when you have the ability to ID, interpret and call all your impacts and then make all wind corrections at will. 

This fantastic one day course is a game changer as far as any avid shooter with a serious passion for LR goes.

What will this one day course cover?

  •  Advanced Fundamentals including rifle setup

  •  Ballistics

  •  Wind 

What will you achieve?

  1. You will be able to visualize all your shots and thus be able to call your POI as the shot breaks.

  2. We will teach you all you would ever need to know about the wind, how it flows and more importantly how to make a "wind call" on the fly without consulting an anemometer or app prior to shooting.

  3. Now you will be able to learn with each shot and make the best decisions regarding any corrections.

What must you bring?

  • Your rifle with an adjustable scope (MOA or MRAD)

  • Rifle should (preferably) be zeroed prior to course

  • Minimum of 100 rounds.  

  • A shooting mat / camp chair

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Front and rear rest (beanbags or bi-pods)

  • Refreshments

What is the cost?

Contact us for rates


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