PRS Scoring 

1.  Each target that is called a “Hit” shall score:

  • Bolt-Action Rifle Division:

    • 1 hit required per target (1 shot per target)
      • 1 hit = 1 point

2.  A “hit” is a bullet that is judged to have impacted on the correct steel target plate.  The SO’s judgement on hits or misses is final and not subject to appeal.  However, if the SO has doubt about his call the benefit should go to the competitor.  For example, if the SO observes the target move slightly upon a shot, but is unsure whether it was caused by an edge hit or a hanger strap hit, a hit should be awarded to the competitor.

3.  Targets not engaged, targets engaged after time has elapsed and targets missed shall score no points.  The competitor with the most points after completing all courses of fire shall be the winner.


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